The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the biggest revolution in Australia’s Telecommunications history. The NBN will change the way we communicate forever and comes with a new set of rules.

The overwhelming development of technology products once starved of high-speed bandwidth is fuelling the insatiable appetite for quality broadband. The NBN is so much more than fast Internet, communications as we know it will change forever.

A single high-speed broadband connection can host, Telephones, Internet and Television offering massive financial gains for the astute business entrepreneur.

SIP Trunks or Digital Lines as they can be known will replace the old copper based telephone services all delivered over a single high speed NBN connection, which means many telephone systems and telephone devices will not operate successfully with the NBN.

SIP means “Session Initiation Protocol” which means a “data session” between your phone and your service provider. SIP Trunk is the new terminology used to describe an NBN telephone line.

Some telephone systems require substantial modification to accommodate SIP Trunks. An investment on an aging telephone system may not be the best option.

You see there are devices available to convert the NBN SIP Trunk back to the old copper type service so that older telephone systems will continue to work. These are very much like the Digital set top boxes used for Digital TV conversion to work on Analog Televisions.

These devices are band aids at best and come with inherent risks of poor integration along with another menacing failure point. Can you really afford to be devoid of vital communications?

We strongly recommend you consider a replacement phone system that will “natively” Connect SIP trunks. In 92% of cases we find sufficient savings to fully fund an upgrade solution.