phone-systemsIn telecommunication, telephony encompasses the general use of equipment to provide voice communication over distances, specifically by connecting telephones to each other. Telephones were originally connected directly together in pairs. Each user had separate telephones wired to the various places he might wish to reach. Now, wireless phone systems provide you with the flexibility to move a unit to a meeting room or a quieter corner of the office — all of this whilst having access to features usually associated with larger business telephone systems, including call conferencing, transfer, voicemail, intercom and hands-free. Users only need to plug the wireless base station into their telephone lines (up to three) and wirelessly connect additional handsets or desk phones to the network.

The demands of a business change frequently — from equipment to staffing and even premises. Wireless phone systems are designed with these shifting needs in mind. When moving premises, you can pack up your entire wireless phone systems and take them with you. Having wireless phone systems help small businesses to achieve significant cost and time saving by not having to install new wiring or phone extensions at a new location — just plug in and start work immediately. As your team grows, you can simply add new handsets and desk phones to your wireless telephone network without the need for technical assistance from your service or hardware provider. However, representatives from phone systems Brisbane will advise you and demonstrate the strengths of the various wireless phone systems that are available.

Wireless phone systems provide advantages for all users. Non-headset users will praise its hands-free convenience and corded headset users will appreciate its mobility. In addition to contributing to increased productivity in the workplace, wireless phone systems offer ergonomic benefits. Neck, shoulder and upper back muscle tension can be reduced by 31% by using a headset. The ability to multi-task is enhanced by talk range of the headset from the base.

Research has shown that wireless phone systems are convenient and increase productivity in a small or large office setting. Ease-of-use and hands-free roaming are the most popular reasons that workers choose the product. IT personnel appreciate the advantages of the security it provides as well as its ability to maximize user density. Easy, plug-and-play installation — no technical assistance required. Wireless phone systems offer small businesses an affordable and feature-rich phone system that doesn’t require technicians, wiring or any sort of additional infrastructure. As business needs change over time, wireless phone systems can effortlessly adapt accordingly.