A Copy of An Important Email to Phone Systems Brisbane’s Customers

Dear Customer,

The Coronavirus certainly has a strong grip of the world and it’s getting worse. Italy’s lockout of the northern region shows that extreme measures can and will be taken by authorities to curb the spread of the disease.

This has prompted me to write to you with some good news…

If you are considering mitigating the risk of Coronavirus by allowing people to work from home, then your telecommunications don’t need to miss a beat.

If one or more of your staff need to self-isolate, they don’t need to miss calls.

The system that we installed for you, can add a remote handset(s) from any location(s), worldwide. Your Panasonic phone system is ready for remote workers, it’s quick and easy to set your staff to work from their home.

We’ll ship the handset to the location of your team member. They simply plug it into the power and the internet, and the phone system does the rest. They’ll be operating almost like they were in the office down the hallway!

This is an easy and very cost-effective solution to mitigate the productivity losses that can come from staff being absent for long periods of time.

Call us on 1300 58 4000 to discuss your options.


Kind Regards

Greg Eicke