If you like the idea of your phone system making you more money, then you’ll love what you are about to read.

First thing first though … cloud phone systems. They are all the rage at the moment. While everyone is talking about them, few are experiencing cost savings and efficiency increases provided by their phone system. Make sure you have a telephony expert install your cloud phone system (if you choose to go that way).

Secondly, if you have a Panasonic phone system such as an NS 700 or NSX, then you have a best-in-breed system. You just need it configured to help you support remote workers and deliver cost savings for you.



Now back to your phone system making you money…

There are three ways that your phone system can do this.

Firstly, your phone system can make sure that you never miss a call. Don’t think that this isn’t happening in your business. We see this all the time. All Class Constructions experienced a 20% increase in calls in the week after installing their new phone system. There was no new or increased marketing. The new system was set up to capture all of the incoming calls. It takes a bit to explain, but when we sit down with you, we’ll show you the problem and how to avoid it.

The second way is through efficient call routing. Instead of adding more resources to a location experiencing peak calls, these calls can be intelligently routed to areas with low call traffic. By making use of the existing human resources and making the phone system do the leg work, your business can save hundreds of thousands.

The third way is through the phone bill. We are looking at people’s phone bills all the time. It’s very rare that we can’t create savings for them. This is still done with Australia’s biggest carrier and with no loss of security, functionality or flexibility.

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