Make $6700 From Your Study Nook Every Year

Back in September 2012 I posted an article on my blog titled Five Reasons Why every CEO Must Understand Unified Communications. In that article I briefly explored the tangible benefits of remote working. Hot topics like Productivity Improvements and higher net profits are the Holy Grail for every business owner or manager. Interestingly research concluded back in 2007 highlighted the same outstanding benefits Unified Communication users are experiencing today.

Saving MoneyMore recently studies have revealed additional worker benefits of reduced cost and stress for the daily commute combined with every business owners dream of a strong reduction in staff turnover therefore retaining happy and valued employees.

The NBN is on its way, however there is still quite a wait before Australian business can experience the proficiency of an optic fibre network. Heavy investment by telco’s in copper based Broadband technology is catering for the demand of quality high speed symmetrical bandwidth permitting companies to experience the huge windfalls Unified Communications offers.

Unified Communications has been responsible for significant commercial gains for smart business owners and equally enjoyable employee contentment. Refined copper based broadband technology is clearing the way for Australian workers to realise the enormous economic benefits of using a spare bedroom or study nook as their workplace.
Robyn Karlsen, Service Seeker Manager saves a massive $6700 and 480 hours in travel every year.