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The Company “New Co” was established 6 years ago in 2015 and showing steady growth and profitability over the past 3 – 4 years. Founder and Director Adam Shilling, has carved out a niche market for his current range of products, servicing 125 solid customers with regular repeat sales. This has set the foundations of “New Co” to expand into new domestic and potentially international markets.

Most of Adam’s team have been with him from inception and with his strong leadership skills he has developed a solid and reliable team. Adam had invested in an on-premise telephone system when he opened for business under the advice of a large telco salesperson the phone system was future proof and he had the best available and was easily upgradeable.

2020 Covid was a challenge as it was for many business owners, sales were down, and restrictions imposed by health authorities hampered business continuity and certainty. Most of the team were forced to work from home which introduced a raft of new requirements and tools which did not align with Adam’s business and disaster recovery plans. He remembered the salesman’s promises of “it’s future proof and easy to upgrade”.

Adam immediately called his large telco phone company to buy the expansion equipment and get things moving quickly. Unfortunately, the salesman was no longer working there and was encouraged by his telco account manager to speak with his preferred supplier about changing the phone system as it was not compatible with new requirements. A confused and angry Adam met with the Telco account manager and other phone system supplier to discuss options. The conversation and recommendations from the 2 telco salespeople were there was no choice but to upgrade to their new NBN-ready, future-proof phone system.

Tune into Part 2 of Telephony Adventures to see how Adam got on…