phone-systemWhen you are looking for telephone systems for small business, you want a communication’s solution for your business, therefore you need to talk to the experts before you make any commitment. Many organisations are fully reliant on their telephone systems to remain in business, but to get the full benefit, telephone systems have to be functional and easy to use.

Usually, you don’t see the caller on the phone, so your voice is your communication tool. You have probably talked to people who sound like they just woke up. No one likes to talk to someone that sounds exhausted. It makes you exhausted just thinking about that person. Let your voice warm up in the morning. As silly as it may sound, turn on the radio and do some singing before you begin talking on the telephone systems. No one else will be able to hear you and your voice will be ready by the time you get to work. Telephone systems for small business from phone systems Brisbane can do the technical work, but it is your friendly efficient voice that the caller hears. It is this voice that has the potential to increase business.

Be aware of people around you while talking on the phone. Be discreet! Many offices today have thin partitions between their personnel. The other people in the office have work to do. They may need to make phone calls too. They do not want to listen to your conversation while they are trying to concentrate on communicating with their clients.

In a face-to-face conversation, people can read your body language and get a better understanding of the non-verbal communication you are sending. Experts estimate that 70% of all communication is non-verbal. With the phone, you only have that 30% of communication to deal with, so it is necessary to pay attention to what you are saying and how you are saying it to compensate for the lack of non-verbal communication. Most people hate to talk to people who only have one tone and no energy in their voices. They prefer to do business with people they enjoy listening to. You want to be that person. If you are having problems because you sound monotone, focus on placing emphasis on important points in the conversation. Callers have phoned for a reason and they want to get the information. Even if you have the correct telephone systems for small business, you need to provide the customer service that your clients expect.