There has been a recent increase in unauthorised access to phone systems resulting in additional international phone calls being made which causes a spike in call charges, sometimes these charges exceed $1000 overnight. There are several ways that a phone system can be accessed remotely and used to route or make unauthorised phone calls.  These include:

  • System administration access
  • DISA (Direct Inward Service Access or a fancy way of saying dialling in remotely)
  • Automated Attendants (Press 1 for this, press 2 for that etc)
  • Handset call forwarding
  • Voicemail notification of a received message

The hackers are getting smarter which has caught quite a few innocent business owners. Since this has come to our attention, we have been proactively increasing the security settings on all of our Panasonic Phone NS700 systems.  Included in this is the following for the phone systems and routers (where applicable): If you do not have a support agreement with or have an older phone system, we’ll need to attend site to complete these vital things. Please email us arrange a service call support@phonesystemsbrisbane.net.au/development

  • Updating software/firmware
  • Increasing the complexity of passwords
  • Restricting access from the internet

Although the above precautions do increase the security of your systems, it doesn’t remove the treat completely.  In a lot of recent cases, unauthorised access to phone systems are made via the voicemail system where hackers change external voice mail notification settings to international phone numbers.

The only way that this is possible is when a basic, or default password is set on the phone system mailboxes.

If the password can easily be guessed, unauthorised access is really easy.

We recommend that all mailboxes be updated as soon as possible.  When selecting a new voicemail password, it is recommended that the password should be complex without the use of repeating or sequential numbers.

Here’s how to change the password. https://phonesystemsbrisbane.net.au/panasonic-handset-training/